Desperate HouseHusband - A Domestic!Hook Fanfiction

Hook: Emma

Emma: Yes, Killian?

Hook: Emma

Hook: Sorry for interrupting you, lass, but I have a problem

Hook: I’ve been cursed

Emma: Wait, what? Tell me everything!

Hook: I woke up Henry

Hook: I made him breakfast

Hook: Did you know I make awesome toasts ?

Hook: Like, really awesome

Hook: Well, you shouldn’t be surprised, love, tell me one thing I’m not good at

Emma: For God’s sake, Killian, straight to the point!

Hook: Right, lass

Hook: Sorry

Hook: I was in the kitchen and suddenly

Hook: It started

Emma: What ? What started, Hook?!

Hook: The curse

Hook: I think it’s Rumple’s fault

Emma: Don’t be so hasty, tell me about this curse.

Emma: Look, I’m working and I have no time to waste, hurry up Killian

Hook: I’m gonna kill him

Emma: Killian! Okay, listen to me. I’m coming over, give me two minutes

Hook: I was in the kitchen

Hook: And this thing got luminous

Hook: Like, really luminous

Emma: Killian, don’t tell me that..

Hook: I approached

Hook: And I saw an old woman in it

Hook: It’s a cursed mirror, Emma, do you understand?!

Hook: Rumple has turned me into an old woman


Hook: How can I be the amazing Captain Hook in this condition?

Hook: I’m gonna kill him, he needs to pay.

Hook: I promised you to not revenge myself upon him, but this is too much

Emma: …

Hook: Emma

Hook: Swan

Emma: I can’t believe this

Hook: I know. You told me that your land was a land without magic.

Emma: I’m gonna kill you.

Hook: Lass, we’re not in the bed. Save it for tonight ;)

Emma: It’s a freaking television!

Emma: That woman you saw… She’s not you. She’s the lady of the news.

Hook: …

Hook: Mhm

Hook: You’re telling I’m not cursed?

Emma: Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. What do you see?

Hook: A smokin’ hot pirate.

Hook: Oh God, I’m not cursed

Hook: Rumpelstiltskin is safe, for now.

Hook: Well, lass, it’s been electrifying.

Hook: Mind to come over and explain to me what this “news” is? ;)

Emma: Hide while you can

Emma: I’m serious Killian

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